Select a 45 minute appointment if you fall within the following situations:

  1. Have dropped off my tax paperwork at least 3 days prior to appointment time and just need to review / finalize my return.
  2. Have 5 or fewer important tax return information pieces (W2, Social Security statements, Interest Statements, etc.)
  3. Are a return client and have 10 or fewer tax return information pieces.
  4. Do not have a small business. (Unless #1 applies.)

Otherwise please select a 90 minute appointment. I want to allow enough time to devote to your situation and complete your tax return.

45 minutes

Consultation is $60. Tax return prices are on the website.

(45 minutes)

90 minutes

Consultation is $120. Tax return is based on the forms needed to complete. Amounts are on the website.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
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